Using Zoom

Join the Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a web-based video meeting tool with a desktop app and
a mobile app, that allows you to meet and connect with or without video.

How Does It Work?
You will receive an email with a link, a Meeting ID and Passcode.

Watch the Video to see how to join

Using Zoom on Boot Camp

There are a couple of important points that are worth knowing while on the Boot Camp using Zoom

  1. Your mic should be muted for most of the course
  2. You can choose to use your video (it's often nice for everyone to meet each other, at least near the start.
  3. Click the Chat button to view the Chat pane
  4. Click the Participant button to view a list of participants in the pane
  5. Use the annotate if required

Setting up Dual Monitors for Boot Camp

Dual monitors are an ideal way to attend the Excel Boot Camp.

  1. Plug your extra monitor into your PC/Laptop
  2. Hold the Windows Key and Press P
  3. Toggle through until you reach Extend
  4. Right-Click on the Desktop and select Display Settings
  5. Drag the monitor into the correct position so your mouse pointer can move easily from monitor to monitor
  6. Click Apply
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