Excel Boot Camp

Intensive Four Day Excel Course

Have you used Excel for years and never had any formal training?


Are you a complete beginner?

Either way, this course is ideal if you need to become very competent in Excel very quickly, but it needs commitment, dedication and lots of practice.

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Staff Development

Are you a member of staff or are you responsible for staff that use Excel for their daily job?

Often staff are self-taught and pick things up from other staff in the use of spreadsheets. Attending a training course often fill those gaps in skills and knowledge.

It's amazing how staff can save time and money by using more efficient techniques and methods.

If you want to increase efficiency then staff development training on Excel will give you the results you are looking for.

Job Search

Are you unemployed or looking to change your career?

If so and the type of job you're seeking might involve using Excel Spreadsheets, so make sure you're up to speed.

I teach Excel courses to an amazing variety of vocational areas. It seems these days Excel is used in so many different types of jobs. It's not just administration and finance. For example, recent course attendees included welders, builders, warehouse staff, managers, supervisors, administrators, school administrators, and the list goes on.

Don't be the one being missing out on interviews!

Private Individuals

It does not matter if you are from a company or job searching, you might just like to develop your knowledge and skills.

Learning Excel can help you with your work, your hobby or just your home finances.

You don't even need a reason other than keeping your mind active with learning.

What better way to keep the mind active with a four-day boot camp.

Excel Boot Camp

Don't Miss the Next Excel Boot Camp

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This is a four-day online live course starting with the basics working through to Power Pivot.

You must be willing to allocate the time for each day including the time to practice.

Each day starts at 09:30 sharp and finishes at 16:00 (UK Time) with a 30-minute break for lunch.

This is a Boot Camp, therefore, it's intensive and not for the faint-hearted.

Are you Eligible to Sign up?

  • I want to learn more about Excel
  • I am willing to put the time in (4 days 9:30 to 16:00 UK time)
  • I want to be more efficient with Excel
  • I or my employer will fund my development
  • I have a basic knowledge or more of using a Windows PC
  • I have access to a PC with the internet to watch via Zoom
  • I have access to Excel to work along with the lessons and practise

Excel Boot Camp Content

Day One
Data Entry
The Ribbon Bar
Basic Maths
Basic Calculations
Copy & Fill
Absolute & Relative Referencing
Sorting Data
Filter Data
Find Data
Selecting Data
Selecting Multiple Ranges
Insert New Columns and Rows
Date and Time Entries & Functions
Working with Multiple Worksheets
Page Setup
Show Formulas
Freeze Panes
Average, Maximum, Minimum
Conditional Formatting
Basic Charts
Embedded Chart
Handy Shortcuts

Day Two
Logic Functions
Nested IF
Naming Cells & Ranges
Managing Names
Using Names
Lookup Functions
Including the new Lookup function

Sort and Unique
Custom Fill
Static Dates and Times
Custom Date Formats
Custom Time Formats
Dynamic Dates and Times
Basic Date Calculations
Date Functions
Handy Shortcuts

Day Three
Excel Forms

Scenario Manager
Goal Seek
Installing Solver
Grouping & Outlining

Pivot Tables
Pivot Charts
Cleansing Data

Excel Macros
Macro Security
Saving a Macro Workbook
Recording & Running a Macro
Relative Cell References (Macros)
Viewing & Editing a Macro
Assigning Macros
Global Macros
Object to run Macros
VBA Code

Day Four
Introduction to Excel Power Business Intelligence
Enable Power Pivot
Import and reshape CSV files & more
Power Query
Power Query Editor
Query Editor Tools

Loading Data
Pivoting and Unpivoting
Merging Queries
Appending Queries
Data Model Views
Database Normalisation
Data and Lookup Tables

Power Pivot
DAX Measures
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Basic Measures
Date and Time Functions (Basic)

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Online Excel Boot Camp

Excel Training Course Online

Intensive Four Day Training Course

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